By P.T. Bopanna

Team Ammanichanda is the new kid on the block. The Kodava family hockey is dominated by over half a dozen families.

After a successful run for about 22 years, Kodagu’s (Coorg) biggest hockey tournament being conducted by the Appachettolanda family this season, has the participation of a record 336 families.

One of the highlights of the ongoing tournament at Napoklu is the emergence of the not so well-known Ammanichanda hockey team which reached the quarter finals this season.

What impressed me about the Ammanichanda family (in picture) was their social media post, on their valiant fight against the mighty Palanganda team on April 6. I wish to quote excerpts from their post:

“Team Ammanichanda warriors fought very bravely with the 5 times Champions Team Palanganda till the very end of the game, before going down 1-2.

“Earlier in the match, Team Ammanichanda dominated the opponent and Vignesh Bopanna gave the team an advantageous lead by scoring the first goal of the match, surprising the large audience gathered. Team Ammanichanda were in fact leading the champion team Palanganda 1-0.

But, during the course of the tough match, opponent got the upper hand by scoring two goals.

“Team Ammanichanda players put a valiant fight throughout the match and won everyone’s hearts by never giving up till the last minute.

For his impressive performance, Team Ammanichanda’s Yashwanth Nachappa was awarded the Player of the Match.

“Team Ammanichanda bid farewell to the prestigious tournament by becoming one of the best 8 teams out of 336 teams, at one of the world’s largest hockey event.”

The Palanganda family has won the maximum number of cups in the 22 tournaments that have been held up to 2018, by winning five times. The other teams with a good track record, include Kaliyanda, Koothanda, Kullettira, Nellamakkada, Anjaparavanda and Chenanda.

One of the less fancied teams which has reached the semi-finals this time is Kuppanda (Kaikeri).

The Appachettolanda Cup tournament was inaugurated by chief minister Basavaraj Bommai on March 18.

On April 7, the semi-finals will be played between Nellamakkada vs. Kulletira and Palanganda vs. Kuppanda (Kaikeri).