By P.T. Bopanna

Chiriapanda Pavitha Ashwin’s paintings drew much appreciation at the recently concluded ‘All Kodava Artist Visual Art Exhibition’ held at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bengaluru.

Pavitha (in picture), daughter of Mayanamada Poonacha and Bojamma, hails from Srimangala in Kodagu (Coorg). Currently residing in Bengaluru, she started her art journey in 2005.

The Kodavas (Coorgs) are nature worshippers, and their rituals and way of life symbolise this connection deeply. This same connection to nature is a common thread which runs through Pavitha’s paintings.

She specialises in realism in her paintings and her incredibly detailed work is her signature style. Her chosen medium is oil and acrylic, mostly on canvas. She has a background in interior design, and has a very good eye for colours, contrasts, textures and design which she picked up while studying at Art Institute of Dallas.

Pavitha has also specialized in abstract art, bringing out the beauty of the Universe, expressed in her Nebula series of paintings. Her body of work comprises over 40 artworks.

Pavitha noted: “Like many self-taught artists, my journey started with one painting – “The Teapot” (Oil on Canvas, 2006). It was a challenge due to the intricacy, details and the metallic texture that had to be rendered with care. This painting was a success, and from that point, I have not looked back.”

Pavitha is married to Chiriapanda Ashwin Uthappa, and they have two sons, Ved and Virat.

Follow the link to check out Pavitha’s work:

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  1. Hansa
    Hansa says:

    Amazing is a little adjective for Pavithas painting. There’s Beauty, Depth, vividness and much more…. Every art is Picture Perfect !! Pavi, your creative skills are truly incredible !! Truly Love it 💕


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